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Production is split 50/50 between red and white wines.


Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah (for red wines) 
Sauvignon, Rolle (or Vermentino) and Semillon (white wines)
Each grape variety is picked at peak ripeness between September and late October. The estate practices green harvesting to manage the yields and produce more concentrated wines.

Picked at phenolic ripeness, the harvest is done by hand and transported in small 10-kilo boxes. The same parcel may be visited more than once to ensure only grapes of optimal ripeness are taken from the vine.

At the cellars, the harvested fruit is destemmed (for the reds), sorted and poured into vats by 150-kilo wagons to preserve the quality of the fruit and avoid crushing caused by pumping.

The vats are small in capacity to separate the various batches and grape varieties produced on the vineyard. Tasting is practised every day during the fermentation and maceration processes to determine how to extract the good compounds from the grapes.

The wines are then aged in barrels. The time taken always factors in the specific qualities of the variety, the addition of wood only ever producing a more complex wine with no additional

Wines produced co-jointly with Stéphane Derenoncourt.

Villa Baulieu

Villa Baulieu Blanc
Terroirs and grape varieties
Mostly produced from our limestone soils, the Sauvignon (30-50%) for its wisdom and Rolle (50-70%) for its Mediterranean exuberance compose this wine. The 430-metre altitude, north-eastern exposure and cool soils are what give this wine its freshness and acidity.
They are manual and determined by analysing the grape in terms of taste. The freshness of the fruit is our priority. Only firm and well-ripened bunches, gently placed in 10-kilo boxes to prevent the berries splitting and oxidising, are picked.
After rigorous sorting at the point of picking and in the cellar, the white grapes are pressed with their stalks to add more aromatic complexity. The juice is allowed to settle for a short while before it is vinified in large, 40-hl wooden vats, called foudres, for six to eight months.

These are complex, racy wines with plenty of freshness and breadth on the palate segueing into a slightly saline minerality.
Villa Baulieu Rouge
Terroirs and grape varieties
They come from our marl-clay-limestone soils topped with layers of basalt. Our red wines are mostly produced with Mediterranean grape varieties. The blend is composed of Vieux Grenache (about 20%), Syrah (50%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (30%).
Picked at phenolic ripeness, the harvest is done by hand and transported to the cellar in small 10-kilo boxes.
After being rigorously sorted, the harvest is destemmed and then vatted. Tasting lets us decide which operations should be performed on a daily basis. Punching down gently extracts the good compounds from the wine. After 25 days of maceration, the wine is put into French wood barrels where it will go through malolactic fermentation for 10-12 months.
The qualities we aim for in our wines are harmony, finesse and elegance.

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